The Powerful Benefits of Guest Posting on Other Websites

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, guest posting has emerged as a powerful strategy for individuals and businesses alike. This practice involves creating and publishing content on someone else's website, reaching a new audience and establishing credibility in the process. The benefits of guest posting extend far beyond mere backlinks; it is a multifaceted [...]

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Automotive Online Advertising

With almost 20 years of website marketing experience, Traffic Connection can help drive your target audience to your automotive site. Here is our Automotive Marketing Plan: Automotive Site Analysis- We review your site and offer suggestions for search engine ranking improvement and increased conversions. Automotive Social Media Marketing- Traffic Connection has access to a large [...]

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Car Porn Goes Viral

Here is a virus that you should wish you would catch- Content on your automotive site going viral and being shared faster than a sexting post of your woman's snapper. Look, guys and girls that love cars also tend to love sharing cool car pics with their friends via social media.  Traffic Connection has access [...]

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Google Penguin Update- Does This Mean You Don’t Need Links To Your Site?

Every SEO knows that Google's most recent update targeted aggressive promotional use of inbound links.  Google aside, are links to at Website inherently bad?  Of course not.  Keep in mind that without hyperlinks, the only other way to visit a Website is to accurately type the Web address in the browser.  Almost every visit to [...]

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On Site SEO Factors

When you ask experts about search engine optimization, they can often get so caught up in the latest backlinking strategies and techniques that they completely neglect to mention on site SEO factors, which are extremely important and can massively affect a page's strength in terms of SEO. The best way to show you how to [...]

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