Google Penguin Penalty

“SEO is not about tricking search engines into giving you a rank that you do not deserve, it is about the effective use of marketing data.” – Louis Crisci

Traffic Connection was started almost 20 years ago by Founder Louis Crisci.

Google Penguin Penalty

Websites obtain a spammy backlink profile for a number of reasons.  The most common way that a site accumulates low quality links happens when a site is promoted by a site owner or SEO company that has engaged in SEO practices that violate Google’s guidelines.  The specific offence is the use of a technique of gaining inbound links, regardless of relevance or quality, in order to manipulate Google search results.  Google penalizes sites with too many low quality inbound links ever since the roll-out of their Penguin update in April of 2012.  Please Contact Us if you are not sure if you are under a Google penalty.  We can detect the penalty by reviewing your backlink profile, and traffic history.

Google Disavow List Creation

A Google disavow list is a list of domains that you are asking Google to disavow, or ignore in your backlink profile.  The list is submitted via your Google Webmaster Tools account.  Traffic Connection is very experienced in the creation of a Google disavow lists.

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