An About page serves an important role in the construction of your website. Many website owners forgo this simple addition and unfortunately the results can be detrimental to sales and brand recognizability. Understanding the importance that an about page plays in your branding, company image, and relationship with potential customers is vital to establishing your company for success.

Building a relationship with your customers begins with telling them who you are, what you’ve done and how that affects what you can do for them. An about page sets the platform as a virtual introduction and relationship building tool. Although some view this page as optional, that is in fact a grave misnomer. An about page is often the first place that customers go to find out what your mission statement is, how long you have been in business, the type of clients you have helped and even what you like to do in your spare time. This experience puts a face to the name of your company for them and makes them more trusting of the services you have to offer. The old adage that people buy from those they know, like, and trust, applies in every sense to the creation of an about page for your website.

What to Include in Your Page

When writing your about page, consider including specific details about yourself or your company which sets you apart from the rest. It is often these small details which make you stand out from the crowd and which allow potential customers to remember you. When attempting to differentiate your company from larger conglomerates, it is the inclusion of personal details that paint a unique picture for potential customers. An about page allows you to gain a singular edge over your competitors by presenting what you have to offer in a special and uniquely personalized light. The resulting inquiries you will get after including an about page in your website with personal details may just alert you to the naturally inherent value that this subtle, yet effective marketing tool affords your business.

Improving Profits With an About Page

In addition to building relationships with customers, an about page offers an opportunity to optimize your on site SEO. With strategically included keywords, your about page is one more tool in your arsenal to ranking higher in the search engines for your targeted keywords. This is an excellent opportunity to optimize your website for success and increase long term profits.

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