The fundamental of websites is SEO. You and I should know the how-tos of SEO, as well as why it is important for a website. Neglecting your SEO will affect your website in a negative way, much more than many people think.

Especially if you are (trying) to make money through your websites, you have probably found the fact that your websites are under-monetized. Understanding the basics of SEO can help you make more money through limited site traffic.

How come? Better SEO = better search engine result page (SERP) position and more traffic.

However, things don’t just stop there. SEO also helps you convert those incoming traffic, as plenty of traffic without high conversion means nothing to your bottom line.

During SEO process you will optimize your website with on page optimization and off page optimization. Off page optimization is much precious than on page optimization.

Assemble your web pages along with your primary keywords. You also should links to the right page with the right keywords, as doing this correctly will affect your overall SEO campaign greatly, in a positive way.

Whenever you place a link to your websites or web pages in your off site optimization, i.e. directory submission, you should anchor text your link differently. This is not due to duplicate content that, in my opinion, too much hyped on the Net. This is due to the need to give multiple keywords linking to your websites or web pages, thus adding weight to your back link.

Understanding the practices of SEO can help you decide what’s effective and efficient to do, as well as reducing resources needed to achieve your SEO campaign’s goals. For instance, understanding SEO the right way would make you avoid any SEO companies’ offers that “guarantee” your website to rank #1 on SERPs for a given set of keywords – NO ONE can guarantee you this! In any given seconds, your #1 can be #3. Do common-sense SEO to achieve common-sense results that will last for quite a period of time.

Do avoid black hat methods of SEO. Although they can bring you good results, all of them are temporary solution, and often, illegal. The search engine bots will soon learn what you are doing illegally, and will penalize your site heavily, if not strip your website from their listing.

All in all, sound and legal site optimization can result in exponential growth of your site’s traffic and conversion. Never aim for good result in a flash, as it is often the most unreliable one.