Link building is arguably the toughest part of search engine optimization. Often you will be pitted against other sites who have huge amounts of links, many of them being extremely strong links as well. SEO’s seem to assume that the more links you have, the stronger your site will be and therefore the higher you will rank in the search engines.  This is simply not true.

Quality Of Backlinks

If the top spot on Google is taken by someone who has one hundred thousand links but they are all really low quality links that have nothing to do with their site, then you can easily outrank them with high quality, contextual links. Things like high quality article submissions, blog comments or blog posts can easily allow you to outrank poor quality, spammy backlinks.

It is possible to even outrank fairly high quality but low PR backlinks with a few high PR backlinks. The power of high quality backlinks should not underestimated, it is much better to have a few high quality backlinks than thousands of low quality backlinks, the search engines prefer it and you will rank much better for your keywords.

Contextual Backlinks

Another way to improve the quality of backlinks is to make them contextual. A lot of people when they are new to search engine optimization, will be sucked into buying thousands of cheap backlinks like profile links because they are cheap and you can get a lot of them easily, these links never have high PR and they are never related to your site as well.

Google will give more weight to backlinks that are from pages that are related to your site, so make sure you get backlinks from relevant and related pages. Also you’ll be able to get some traffic from these backlinks as well, if someone is looking at dog food information and they see a link to a site about dog food information, they are likely to click through as it will be relevant to them.

Content Types

Then most people are trying to find backlinks for their site, they will usually stick to just getting backlinks off pages that only have text content on them. Backlinking strategies like article marketing, blog commenting or press release submissions normally mean you’re getting backlinks off pages with just other text on them.

This makes your backlink portfolio look extremely unnatural and that could mean you get slapped by Google, which will mean your rankings will suffer. You should shake it up a bit and get backlinks from pages that have videos and images on them as well, it will be extremely positive for rankings and it makes your backlink portfolio look extremely natural as well.