July 25, 2012 West Midlands, UK – Truckman a prominent provider of British built hardtops is pleased to announce a dynamic new website http://www.truckman.co.uk. This professionally designed website offers a unique and engaging layout that combines ease of navigation with detailed product information. With the introduction of the new e-commerce website there is enhanced functionality with options to select your vehicle type right from the homepage.

Truckman Ltd. has been in business for close to thirty years and has consistently set the standard in hardtop production worldwide. Their commitment to quality has positioned them as one of the best suppliers of hard tops in the business. Truckman has the ability to create a hardtop for every type and class of vehicle specified on their website. These include Nissan, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Ford Ranger, Mazda, Isuzu and many others.  B. Walker and Sons founded the Truckman name in Britain during the 1980s. Now owned and operated by Auto Styling UK, the brand continues to maintain its high operating standards and superior product lines. The Truckman Company has continually refined their hard tops making them the best in the industry.

Now with a newly designed website, Truckman is able to better serve their customers and showcase their products more efficiently. The site features links to full page brochures with detailed product descriptions. Their general brochure is available as well as brochures for Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota and Mitsubishi. In addition, the newly revamped e-commerce site offers customers the ability to select their items directly from the site and have it shipped right to them. Whether in need of a new hard top or spare parts, the easy online ordering with a virtual basket makes selecting a hardtop online both simple, and efficient.

The high definition graphics and detailed product photos and description also make it easy to order online with confidence. Close ups of paint colors allow the buyers to know exactly what they are getting before placing a final order.  Another valuable addition to the company website is the news section. With a dedicated section for Truckman’s recent news and updates, it will be easier than ever for their customer base to stay updated on the latest happenings.

“Truckman continues to represent the ideals of its very first hardtops and continues to produce a quality product built on Strength, Space, and Security.”

Visit http://www.truckman.co.uk to place and order for a hardtop on their newly remodeled e-commerce website or “like” their fan page for newly added products at http://www.facebook.com/TruckmanUK. Truckman offers wide variety, fast production and the highest quality hardtops from a world class manufacturer.


Contact Information:

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