Canny Link is a unique web directory that has been online since November 1997. In the early days of Canny Link, search engine results were far less dependable than they are today. Many visitors to Canny Link actually used the directory to find relevant information online. During that time, Canny Link established many natural inbound links including links to individual topic pages.

Canny Link was created as a hand-coded directory. We believe that Canny Link is the largest hand-coded directory created by a single person. Years ago, almost all web directories were either started, or converted to script and database driven. Canny Link is the hold out. Keeping Canny Link hand-coded has been inconvenient maintenance wise, but it has let Canny Link stand out in the huge crowd of directories.

When Traffic Connection purchased The Canny Link Directory back in 2005, we lowered the standard submission rate from $40 to $20 and have held that price ever since. Canny Link now offers a limited number of featured site listings as well. All listings are sold for a one time payment with no reoccurring charges.

In March 2011, Canny Link will be converted to a script-driven directory. This change will help us maintain the site far more effectively. Traffic Connection thanks all Canny Link directory customers that have used our service over the last six years.

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