Keyword Research and Meta Data Creation

Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO and search engine results.  Proper keyword research can make an enormous different in your marketing efforts.  Many companies include keyword phrases that they believe their target audience is using, without verifying that anyone actually uses those particular phrases when searching for their products and services.  Traffic Connection’s Keyword Research service provides a spreadsheet of relevant phrases with monthly search volume, organized by page in your site.


Keyword Research Service

This service provides a spreadsheet organized by page of your website.  Sheet for each page will include suggested keyword phrases with there respective monthly search volume.  This information is vital when creating text content for the respective page, as well as for metadata.  Keyword research is also needed when implementing a PPC campaign such as Adwords.

Meta Data Creation Service

Metadata continues to be a fundamental element of SEO.  High quality meta data creation is both an art and a science.  This is because meta title and description tags show in search engine results, and should not only include your most important keyword phrases, but must encourage a human to click the listing.  Keyword research is always done before meta data creation and titles, descriptions include as many relevant keyword phrases as possible (without keyword stuffing), while retaining readability.

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